March Madness: TV Theme Songs – Our Champion

For four weeks every Spring, I get to run this silly tournament on this stupid blog and it is just the best time. Thank you again everyone for taking time to vote on these things. I really do look forward to this every single year and hope you do as well. Enough blabbering on my part, let’s get to the good stuff!

Our Championship Round came down to a 2 seed many had picked to win the whole thing and a very strong 4 seed that just refused to be taken out.  Time to find out how the Championship Round panned out. Remember all “scores” are in percentages. Continue reading “March Madness: TV Theme Songs – Our Champion”

March Madness: TV Theme Songs – Championship Round

Man, I cannot believe we have already reached the end of another bracket. This one in particular has thrown me all over the place. Songs that I thought were shoe-ins for at least the Elite 8 were taken out super early (looking at you Friends and Hawaii Five-O going out in the first round) and some real Cinderella stories made their way further than expected (Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood looked to stay in this tournament til the end).

After a mad scramble, I feel like we landed on a couple of great Final 4 match-ups. Let’s see how the winners of each region fared in the Final Four and who will face off in the Championship! Continue reading “March Madness: TV Theme Songs – Championship Round”

March Madness: TV Theme Songs – Final 4

Alright y’all, here we are. The Elite 8 is done, we have our regional champs, and the Final 4 is set. We’ll start the voting for the Final 4 now and it will be open today through Thursday, April 4 at 5pm Central. Championship round voting will be Friday through Sunday with the Champ announced on Monday, April 8.

Let’s get to the results! Continue reading “March Madness: TV Theme Songs – Final 4”

March Madness: TV Theme Songs – Elite 8

Well guys, here we are – the regional finals of our TV Theme Songs bracket. The Sweet 16 had some great match-ups and sent one of my personal favorites packing.

A bit of housekeeping – I got to a late start on the first round, so our voting will be a little condensed this week. Voting for the Elite 8 will be Monday and Tuesday, Final 4 will be Wednesday and Thursday. Championship round voting will be Friday through Sunday with the Champ announced on Monday. Let’s get to it! Continue reading “March Madness: TV Theme Songs – Elite 8”

March Madness: TV Theme Songs – Sweet 16

Either y’all have vastly different opinions on the history of TV theme song greatness or I really seeded these songs all wrong (with the exception of the Modern Drama Region. I really nailed that one). We had a couple more results that were definite head-scratchers for me. We only had 1 match-up come down to 1 vote in the Round of 32 and quite a few blow-outs.

The Sweet 16 begins now and voting will end Sunday March 31 at 5pm Central. Let’s get to the results!  Continue reading “March Madness: TV Theme Songs – Sweet 16”

March Madness: TV Theme Songs – Round of 32

Guys. What have yall done? When I checked the results of our opening round voting last night there were a few of the winners that I expected, a few upsets, and one that literally shocked me to the point of jaw hanging open. We’ll get to that soon enough, but holy crap.

The second round begins now and voting will end Wednesday March 27 at 5pm Central.

But first — Let’s get on to the results! Remember all “scores” are percentages from voting. Continue reading “March Madness: TV Theme Songs – Round of 32”

March Madness: TV Theme Songs – Round of 64

And we are back! I can’t believe we have already been doing this for 4 years. Our bracket last year found of favorite breakfast food: Breakfast Tacos and Burritos. There was never any doubt. Our second year bracket crowned The Sandlot as our champions of the Best Sports Movie Bracket. Our first champion was in the music bracket where The Beatles reigned victorious. It’s my pleasure to announce our topic this year: TV Theme Songs. 

This was absolutely impossible. Getting this bracket down to 68 teams was the hardest one yet. Again, we tried to keep the personal biases as low as possible, but of course we made some decisions based on our personal likes and dislikes. I tried to be as scientific as possible, scouring the internets for lists and rankings at Complex, Paste, and Ranker (to the people!). Like previous years, “scores” will be posted as the percentages from the polls. Continue reading “March Madness: TV Theme Songs – Round of 64”

March Madness 2019 – Play-In Games

I literally didn’t post anything for a whole year after last years Breakfast Bracket. I…ummm…am not good at this blogging thing. A lot of things happened to keep me from writing this year, I may or may not make some posts later. Keep expectations low, baby!

But it’s time for our yearly bracket topic to be revealed and our last 8 in to battle for each region’s 15 and 16 seed. This year was the most difficult bracket I have had to make since we started this bracket silliness 4 years ago. This year we will determine our favorite Theme Songs from TV. It was all but impossible to whittle this down to 68 teams. I’ll get into a little more detail on Thursday. Continue reading “March Madness 2019 – Play-In Games”