March Madness: TV Theme Songs – Round of 32

Guys. What have yall done? When I checked the results of our opening round voting last night there were a few of the winners that I expected, a few upsets, and one that literally shocked me to the point of jaw hanging open. We’ll get to that soon enough, but holy crap.

The second round begins now and voting will end Wednesday March 27 at 5pm Central.

But first — Let’s get on to the results! Remember all “scores” are percentages from voting.



1 Mission: Impossible vs 16 Jeopardy!

Our first match-up almost saw a 1 seed get knocked off in the first round as Mission: Impossible held off a super strong 16 seeded Jeopardy! for a 57-43 win.

8 Star Trek vs 9 Spider-Man 

Spider-Man got our first 1 vote victory of the tournament, beating the original Star Trek 53-47.

5 Peter Gunn vs 12 Knight Rider

Our first upset of the tournament is 12 see Knight Rider knocking out 5 seed Peter Gunn 61-39.

4 Batman vs 13 Rawhide

Batman got out to an early lead and never looked back, dispensing of 13 seed Rawhide by a score of 63-37.

6 The Twilight Zone vs 11 Charlie’s Angels

The Twilight Zone theme song is a masterpiece. It held form, easily knocking out Charlie’s Angels 67-33.

3 Hawaii Five-O vs 14 Bonanza

Sometimes a lower seed comes into a match-up ready to just own the competition. This happened here, as 14 seed Bonanza (a personal favorite) just destroyed 3 seed Hawaii Five-O by a score of 82-18.

7 Sesame Street vs 10 Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

The sweetest possible match-up saw Sesame Street fall to Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood 56-44.

2 M*A*S*H vs 15 Perry Mason

Our Classic Drama region’s final game was a beatdown as M*A*S*H took out 15 seed Perry Mason with ease 88-12.



1 Gilligan’s Island vs 16 The Partridge Family

Gilligan moves on, taking out the 16 seed Partridge Family 67-33.

8 The Berverly Hillbillies vs 9 The Dukes of Hazard

The good ol’ Duke boys knocked off The Beverly Hillbillies 56-44 to get to the round of 32.

5 The Addams Family vs 12 Three’s Company

The Addams Family had no problems with the 12 seed Three’s Company, winning 78-22.

4 The Jeffersons vs 13 The Pink Panther

In a 1 vote come from behind upset, The Pink Panther knocked off a very strong 4 seed in The Jeffersons by a final score of 52-48.

6 The Brady Bunch vs 11 The Andy Griffith Show

Classic Comedy region was upset central as the 11 seed The Andy Griffith Show took out the 6 seed The Brady Bunch 78-22. This one was a little surprising to me in just how big the win was.

3 Happy Days vs 14 Green Acres

Happy Days got a hell of a scare from the 14 seed Green Acres, with the 3 seed coming out with a 1 vote 52-48 win.

7 Sanford & Son vs 10 Laverne & Shirley

Sanford & Son sent Laverne & Shirley packing with a 53-47 win.

2 The Flinstones vs 15 I Dream of Jeannie

The Flintstones had no problems with 15 seed I Dream of Jeannie getting the 82-18 victory.



1 Game of Thrones vs 16 The A-Team

GoT kept with it’s murderous roots, killing The A-Team 68-32.

8 Star Trek: The Next Generation vs 9 The X-Files

Star Trek: TNG got by the 9 seed X-Files by a score of 56-44.

5 Law & Order vs 12 The Walking Dead

Law & Order had a tough time with new kid The Walking Dead but came out victorious 55-45.

4 The Wonder Years vs 13 The O.C.

In our only complete domination of the first round, 4 seed The Wonder Years got the 100-0 win over The O.C.

6 True Blood vs 11 Mad Men

Confession time: I’ve never seen an episode of Mad Men. The theme song is solid though. It came through with the 57-43 upset of 6 seed True Blood.

3 Cops vs 14 Sons of Anarchy

This was a fun match-up just in terms of plot of the shows. Cops came out on top this time, knocking out a personal favorite 14 seed Sons of Anarchy 80-20.

7 Westworld vs 10 American Horror Story

In a 1 vote win, Westworld held off American Horror Story 52-48.

2 The Sopranos vs 15 Justified

15 seed Justified almost pulled out the major upset, coming up 1 vote short of 2 seed The Sopranos 54-46.



1 Cheers vs 16 Curb Your Enthusiasm

Our final region got off with the 16 seed getting 1 vote and falling to 1 seed Cheers 94-6.

8 The Office vs 9 Full House

The Office knocked out the Tanners of Full House 59-41. Sorry Aunt Becky.

5 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt vs 12 Saved By the Bell

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was the reason we are having this bracket theme this year. I absolutely love that song. It drew a tough 12 seed in Saved By the Bell who took out our girl Kimmy 89-11. Brutal.

4 Golden Girls vs 13 SpongBob SquarePants

This one was much closer than I anticipated as the Golden Girls got a 1 vote win over SpongeBob SquarePants 52-48.

6 The Simpsons vs 11 DuckTales

Similarly, The Simpsons held off a big challenge from DuckTales and got a 1 vote win 52-48.

3 Friends vs 14 Scrubs

This one. This is the one that broke me last night. I honestly thought Friends had a chance to win the whole thing. Scrubs might be my favorite comedy of all time and the theme song almost didn’t make the bracket. That didn’t stop out plucky doctors from having the most blindsided win 55-45. I really did sit jaw opened for like 4 minutes when I saw this one.

7 Married…With Children vs 10 Night Court

Married…With Children moves on beating 10 seed Night Court 68-32.

2 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air vs 15 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Our last match-up saw the Fresh Prince get into the round of 32 on the back of a 71-29 win over TMNT.


That leaves us with our bracket looking like this:

TV Theme Song Bracket Round of 32


Round of 32









Alright everybody, let’s get to voting! See you guys on Thursday with our Sweet 16!

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