Getting Back On Track

February has been a real shitty month for our family. Within two weeks, we lost my grandmother and my uncle. They were two of the most loving people I’ve ever had the fortune to run into. It’s difficult to lost people who taught you how to be you. The shock of the whole month is starting to wear off and we are left with our thoughts and memories of these two beautiful souls. I will miss them more than I can say.

This was the family on my mother’s side so a road trip to West Virginia was in order for my grandma’s funeral. The problem with long driving trips is it is next to impossible to eat healthy, especially on a time crunch. There is no salad eating in the car for the most part. Continue reading “Getting Back On Track”

A Little Health Update

Over the past 5 years I’ve had some bouts with dizzy spells. The first time I passed out was at JC Penny. It was hot (August in Houston has a way of being that way) and I was crouched down looking for jeans. When I stood up and walked towards the fitting room everything started going black. I ended up with tunnel vision, sweating my butt off in the dressing room. I felt sick and looked as white as a ghost. I figured I just stood up too quickly.

Fast forward 5 years and about 50 different doctor’s appointments. There were spinning sensations that occurred pretty frequently but these seemed different. Over this time-frame, I had 3 more episodes of this “blacking out” for lack of a better term. Once while I was walking the dog, once while I was working. Continue reading “A Little Health Update”