March Madness: Breakfast – Our Champion

What an incredible four weeks of competition. I can’t say it enough guys, this is the most fun I have on this site every year and I cannot thank you all for voting time and again. I really do look forward to this every year now and I hope you all do as well. Ok, enough wasting your time, on to our tasty champ!

We had one technical Cinderella 9 seed make the ship, but that was probably an under-seed on my part. The 4 seed on the other side was always going to be a tough out – tacos in all of their forms are amazing. How did our Championship round fare? Remember all “scores” are in percentage.


We have had a pretty competitive tournament this time around, which was nice. Some of the favorites went down early and we had a few surprises along the way.

Pastries Region 9 seed Texas Style Kolaches journey to the championship game started with an 82-18 drubbing of their Polish/Czech style cousins. The Round of 32 was a tougher draw as they knocked out the 1 seed Glazed Donuts 58-42. The Kolaches then rolled through their Sweet 16 match-up against Danishes 86-14. The biggest surprise of the tournament happened when they took out a 3 seed Cinnamon Rolls in the Elite 8 that made it through the first 2 rounds with 100-0 victories and had only given up 4 votes the entire tournament via a 1 vote victory, 53-47. They had no problem with Lucky Charms in the Final 4, winning 62-38.

Our other contender had a remarkably similar path to the championship. Eggs/Meats/Fruits Region 4 seed Breakfast Tacos / Burritos came into the tournament hot, knocking off Fruit 91-9. The Round of 32 was a tight match-up on this side of the bracket as well, with a 58-42 win over Bacon. They went up against the Eggs/Meats/Fruits Region 1 seed Fried Eggs in the Sweet 16, winning easily 86-14. The Elite 8 was another breeze round for our 4 seed as they beat down their English Muffin and Bread based brothers Breakfast Sandwiches 82-18. Our Tacos and Burritos came up against their hardest competition in the Final 4, eeking out a 1 vote victory against a tough Pancakes squad 52-48.

I kept an eye on this championship game this weekend and it was back and forth early, but one of the competitors found their swagger and ran to the championship win. Texas Style Kolaches gave Breakfast Tacos / Burritos all they had, but the eggs, meat, and veggie filled tortillas were just too much as out Eggs/Meats/Fruits Region winner was victorious via a 75-25 margin.

Breakfast Tacos and Burritos will join our March Madness winners of the past The Beatles and The Sandlot.

Thank you all again for taking time to vote in this tournament. I hope this thing was as fun for you as it was for me. We’ll do it again next year! I’m looking for ideas for next year’s bracket and if you have any suggestions, feel free to get in touch with me on Facebook or Twitter.

After knocking 64 delicacies down to a final Champion, our completed bracket looks like this:

Breakfast Bracket Champion

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