A Little Comedy to Get Us Through This Election

This has been the most contentious election in most of our lives. Social media in particular has gotten very heated. But we have reached the finish line. Tonight, we will have a new President one way or another.

I have tried to bring a little humor and pull down the anger level over the past few months. Over the last 100 days of the race, I used the great Mitch Hedberg to calm us all down a little bit. I posted a new Hedberg joke on facebook every day. It started off as a goofy way to pass the time in a painful election season, but over time it became a necessary and therapeutic exercise for me. I hope it helped my friends get through too!

On this election day, I’d like to share all 166 jokes in no particular order that have gotten me through this election as well as one of his specials. If you are ever down (especially tonight), let Mitch Hedberg take some weight off your shoulders. The man was a comedic genius that is gone way to soon.


Whatever happens tonight, I will continue to fight to continue being an optimist even in the hardest times. With that, take us away Mitch! (I’m not sure if this YouTube video will share with the settings correct or not, but it’s slowed down for some reason. Change the setting to Speed: 1.25 if it is still slowed down.)

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