March Madness: TV Theme Songs – Sweet 16

Either y’all have vastly different opinions on the history of TV theme song greatness or I really seeded these songs all wrong (with the exception of the Modern Drama Region. I really nailed that one). We had a couple more results that were definite head-scratchers for me. We only had 1 match-up come down to 1 vote in the Round of 32 and quite a few blow-outs.

The Sweet 16 begins now and voting will end Sunday March 31 at 5pm Central. Let’s get to the results! 



1 Mission: Impossible vs 9 Spider-Man

Our first 1 seed fell as a strong 9 seeded Spider-Man took down Mission: Impossible 60-40.

4 Batman vs 12 Knight Rider

4 seed Batman had no problem whatsoever dispatching Knight Rider 90-10. This sets up a great Sweet 16 match-up between superheroes.

6 The Twilight Zone vs 14 Bonanza

Our other two match-ups in the Classic Drama region were much closer. The first game saw 6 seed The Twilight Zone take out a really tough 14 seed Bonanza 59-41.

2 M*A*S*H vs 10 Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

In what could not have been two more different theme songs, our 2 seed also fell as M*A*S*H could not keep up with Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood also by a score of 59-41.



1 Gilligan’s Island vs 9 The Dukes of Hazard

Gilligan and the crew had absolutely no problem with the Duke Boys, winning 93-7.

5 The Addams Family vs 13 The Pink Panther

Our creepy and kooky Addams Family handled The Pink Panther with ease, coming out victorious 73-27.

3 Happy Days vs 11 The Andy Griffith Show

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days knocked out The Andy Griffith Show 60-40.

2 The Flintsones vs 7 Sanford & Son

A very strong 2 seed in The Flintsones again had no problem with the competition, besting a personal favorite Sanford & Son 79-21.



1 Game of Thrones vs 8 Star Trek: The Next Generation

Game of Thrones continues rolling, knocking out Star Trek: TNG 80-20.

4 The Wonder Years vs 5 Law & Order

The Wonder Years had an easier time of it than I expected rolling to a 69-31 victory over Law & Order.

3 Cops vs 11 Mad Men

Cops just put the beatdown on the bad boys of Mad Men by a final score of 86-14.

2 The Sopranos vs 7 Westworld

I felt like Westworld was a dark-horse to take the whole tournament. It fought as hard as possible, falling to The Sopranos by one vote, 52-48.



1 Cheers vs 8 The Office

A touch shockingly, our second 1 seed went down as Cheers fell to The Office 58-42. Hard disagree on this one, but the people have spoken.

4 Golden Girls vs 12 Saved By the Bell

I was truly blindsided by this result as the 12 seed Saved By the Bell just demolished the 4 seed Golden Girls 83-17.

6 The Simpsons vs 14 Scrubs

Scrubs was the last comedy in and almost didn’t make the final 68 at all but I pushed for it hard. I honestly didn’t think it would get out of the first round and here we are with Scrubs making the Sweet 16. Taking down the big dogs continues as they get the win over The Simpsons 68-32.

2 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air vs 7 Married…With Children

The Fresh Prince keeps on rolling along to the next round, beating Married…With Children 87-13.


That concludes the Round of 32 and leaves our bracket looking like this:

TV Theme Song Bracket Sweet 16


Sweet 16










Let’s get to voting everybody! There are some fantastic match-ups. I cannot begin to figure out how I will vote. Good luck making your decisions. I can’t wait to see who moves on! Voting will end Sunday March 31 at 5pm and the Elite 8 will begin on Monday.

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