March Madness 2019 – Play-In Games

I literally didn’t post anything for a whole year after last years Breakfast Bracket. I…ummm…am not good at this blogging thing. A lot of things happened to keep me from writing this year, I may or may not make some posts later. Keep expectations low, baby!

But it’s time for our yearly bracket topic to be revealed and our last 8 in to battle for each region’s 15 and 16 seed. This year was the most difficult bracket I have had to make since we started this bracket silliness 4 years ago. This year we will determine our favorite Theme Songs from TV. It was all but impossible to whittle this down to 68 teams. I’ll get into a little more detail on Thursday.

As for now our 8 play-in games are set to see who gets into the big dance. Voting will be open until Wednesday, March 20 at 5pm.


Classic Drama



Classic Comedy


Modern Drama


Modern Comedy


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