March Madness: TV Theme Songs – Championship Round

Man, I cannot believe we have already reached the end of another bracket. This one in particular has thrown me all over the place. Songs that I thought were shoe-ins for at least the Elite 8 were taken out super early (looking at you Friends and Hawaii Five-O going out in the first round) and some real Cinderella stories made their way further than expected (Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood looked to stay in this tournament til the end).

After a mad scramble, I feel like we landed on a couple of great Final 4 match-ups. Let’s see how the winners of each region fared in the Final Four and who will face off in the Championship!

Semi-Final #1

2 The Flintstones vs 4 Batman

When I made this bracket I thought there would be two 2 seeds in the final. The Flintstones was one of my picks. They had run over every challenger they faced, with a 71-29 victory over Happy Days being their closest match-up. That was until Batman showed up. The caped crusader also moved on with ease — their closest was a 63-37 win over Rawhide in the first round — through the earlier rounds and took out our stone age friends by a final score of 56-44, a 3 vote win.

Semi-Final #2

2 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air vs 3 Cops

The Fresh Prince was my other pick to get to the championship round. I had better luck with this Semi-Final. Cops had made it through the Modern Drama region on the back of a 66-34 win over a tough The Wonder Years. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air made our Final 4 by taking out upstart The Office 54-46 — most definitely their closest match-up. The Semi-Final saw them seek vengeance for that tough game as they took out Cops 91-9 (!).

For the first time in three years, we do not have a 9 seed or higher in the Championship. Neither of these winners are a complete surprise, but Batman over The Flintstones is honestly still a bit shocking to me. This should be a great final match-up!

Poll to the Championship match-up is below the bracket. Voting for the Championship will open immediately and will close Sunday, April 7 at 5pm. Winner will be announced on Monday.

After the Final Four, our bracket now looks like this:

TV Theme Song Bracket Championship



Polls are open. Let’s get to voting and see who wins the Championship match-up! Voting will close Sunday April 7 at 5pm. Our champion will be announced on Monday the 8th.

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