Turkey Day


Happy Thanksgiving! There aren’t a whole lot of days better than Thanksgiving, are there? Food, family, and football. All day football.

I still remember my first Thanksgiving as a married man. Six years ago I was working security at Target. This holiday has a much different meaning when you work in retail. Thanksgiving day is really just a pause in the middle of the two busiest days of the year.  Continue reading “Turkey Day”

I watched last night’s Donald Trump SNL so you don’t have to

Ok. That was rough. I’m one of the few people left that still enjoys Saturday Night Live almost every weekend. For years I have watched on Saturday night and sped through the DVR with my wife on Sunday mornings , showing her the better sketches of the week. It’s a fun tradition for us. That tradition died this morning. There wasn’t really a lot for me to show her. This was by far the worst episode of the season and in recent memory. Let’s get to it.  Continue reading “I watched last night’s Donald Trump SNL so you don’t have to”