March Madness: Disney Songs – Final 4

Well, here we are. Together we have spent the last three weeks whittling down our four regions to one champion in each quarter. We have our Regional Champions and are ready to move on to the Final 4! The Elite 8 saw two close games (one of which could have gone either way the entire time) and two… well, not so close games. We enter the Final 4 with four teams that I could see winning the whole thing even if someone raked one of them a 7 seed. I regret nothing! But enough with my rambling…on to the scores!

The Final 4 voting begins now and voting will end Sunday April 3 at 5pm Central. Championship round begins on Monday. I can’t believe we are already almost through this year!

But first — Let’s get on to the results! Remember all “scores” are percentages from voting.

A little housekeeping – I forgot to click the button that only allowed everyone to vote once in the Elite 8 round. I do get a report that tells me how many times each person voted so I was able to only count each IP once. In a few cases, a couple of ya’ll voted for each of the two options. I guess you couldn’t make up your mind so you cancelled your own vote. Which is objectively hilarious and I totally get it.

With that said, the percentages will look different that what is noted on the Elite 8 write up. But in the end only the Goofy region was flipped, the other three regions final scores were only made a little closer. I know it’s not exactly perfect but I thought it was necessary to be more fair and not give one or two folks almost 30% of the voting weight. Apologies.


(4) “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” (The Lion King) vs (11) “You’re Welcome” (Moana)

The big guy’s region came down to an incredibly strong 4 seed in The Lion King‘s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” and a surprise very fun song in 11 seed “You’re Welcome” from Moana. Maui tried his best, and put up a great fight, but he was no match for the blue blood as “Can you Feel the Love Tonight” moves on to the Semi-Finals 61-39.


(2) “Circle of Life” (The Lion King) vs (5) “Friend Like Me” (Aladdin)

The Minnie Region was one of the two regions that was effected by the change in counting. Originally the voting between 2 seed “Circle of Life” from The Lion King and 5 seed, Aladdin‘s “Friend Like Me” ended in a tie. After removing duplicate votes, the 5 seed “Friend Like Me” pulls off the upset by a final of 53-47. Three votes! I conferred with Mrs. Clumsy Optimist last night and she would have cast her deciding tie-breaker vote for “Friend Like Me” so no harm, no foul on this one.


(3) “Hakuna Matata” (The Lion King) vs (4) “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” (Toy Story)

Our Donald Region on the other hand was never in question. The ever beautiful 4 seed, Toy Story‘s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” tried as hard as they could but ultimately fell hard against the 3 seed “Hakuna Matata” by a final of 76-26. This one was never really close from the opening bell. That gives us 2 of our final four from The Lion King.


(7) “Kiss the Girl” (The Little Mermaid) vs (12) “You’ll Be in My Heart” (Tarzan)

Leave it up to this wacky region to be the one most effected by my mistake. After the original round of voting it seemed that our Cinderella 12 seed, Tarzan‘s “You’ll Be In My Heart” pulled off the upset against 5 seed “Kiss The Girl” from The Little Mermaid. But after we pulled duplicate votes, it swung the other way and “Kiss The Girl” moves on to the Final 4 via a final score of 55-45. Again, I am sorry about the confusion – I missed clicking one button.

That leaves our bracket looking like this:

Final 4

Semi-Final #1

(4) “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” (The Lion King) vs (5) “Friend Like Me” (Aladdin)

Semi-Final #2

(3) “Hakuna Matata” (The Lion King) vs (7) “Kiss the Girl” (The Little Mermaid)

There we have it. Two songs from The Lion King, and one each from Aladdin and The Little Mermaid. 1989 – 1994 was a great time to be a kid is all I’m saying. The Semi-Finals are all set. Time to see who gets to the Championship. I honestly have no idea how y’all are going to go on either one of these. Let’s get to voting! See you guys on Monday for our Championship round!!!

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