March Madness: Fast Food – Final 4

Ok y’all. Here we are. We have our Regional Champions and are ready to move on to the Final 4! The Elite 8 saw two very, very close games and two blowouts. We enter the Final 4 with two teams that I thought were the biggest contenders going in and two that surprised me a little. But enough with my rambling…on to the scores!

The Final 4 voting begins now and voting will end Wednesday April 15 at 5pm Central. Championship round begins on Thursday. I can’t believe we are already almost through this year!

But first — Let’s get on to the results! Remember all “scores” are percentages from voting.


(1) McDonald’s vs (2) Whataburger

I had a feeling that our 2 seed was actually the strongest contender in the burger region. I was definitely correct on that feeling as Whataburger took out the 1 seed McDonald’s 90-10. They are going to be very hard to knock out of the tournament as the closest competition in the burger region for the Texas tradition was a 85-15 trouncing of 5 Guys in the Sweet 16.



(3) Jason’s Deli vs (8) Schlotzsky’s

Very few things have surprised me in the bracket this year as much as your love of 8 seed Schlotzsky’s. On its way to the Elite 8, Schlotzsky’s took down the 1 seed Subway and the 4 seed McAlister’s. Ol’ Schlotz’ luck ran out against the 3 seed Jason’s Deli. Jason’s took the victory and is heading to the Final 4 behind a 4 vote victory 52-48.



(1) Chick-fil-A vs (2) Popeyes

If there was anyone in this region that I thought had a chance to knock off the 1 seed Chick-fil-A it was 2 seed Popeyes. While Popeyes gave Chick-fil-A their toughest match of the entire bracket thus far, it was not nearly enough as the 1 seed Ate Mor (Popeyes) Chikin to the tune of a 77-23 victory.



(4) Taco Bell vs (6) Sonic

Alright. This region has been bananas throughout so why not continue the tradition? 4 seed Taco Bell was my dark horse to take it all having just come off a dominant take-down of the 1 seed in the region. 6 seed Sonic had just taken 10 seed Dunkin’ Dunuts to the line and moved on to the Elite 8 with a 3 vote victory. This match-up came as close as possible with 6 seed Sonic moving on after getting a 1 vote victory over Taco Bell 51-49.


That leaves us with our bracket looking like this:

Fast Food Bracket Final 4

Final 4

Semi-Final #1

(2) Whataburger vs (3) Jason’s Deli

Semi-Final #2

(1) Chick-fil-A vs (6) Sonic


Holy crap, y’all. The Semi-Finals are all set. Time to see who gets to the Championship. I have a gut feeling, but I’ll keep that to myself until the next write-up. Let’s get to voting! See you guys on Thursday for our Championship round!!!

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