March Madness: Breakfast – Round of 32

The first round is done! While it wasn’t as crazy as the first weekend of actual March Madness, there were still some major upsets. There were four match-ups that came down to one vote and four match-ups that ended in a 100-0 score. Thanks to everyone who voted! There were some shockingly tough decisions in the first round. A bunch of my favorites went up against each other right out of the gate and it definitely does not get any easier from here on out. The second round begins now and voting will end Wednesday March 21 at 5pm Central.

But first — Let’s get on to the results! Remember all “scores” are percentages from voting.  Continue reading “March Madness: Breakfast – Round of 32”

March Madness: Breakfast – Round of 64

Welcome back everyone! It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole year since we began our second bracket that crowned The Sandlot as our champions of the Best Sports Movie Bracket. Our first champion was in the music bracket where The Beatles reigned victorious. Our 2018 bracket will be near and dear to my heart as we to find our favorite breakfast food.  

This was…..harder than it should have been. As usual, we tried to keep the personal biases as little as possible, but of course we made some decisions based on our personal likes and dislikes. Like previous years, “scores” will be posted as the percentages from the polls.  Continue reading “March Madness: Breakfast – Round of 64”

Unexplained Rankings – Horror Flicks

I know it’s been 8 months since I have put anything on this site, but I got lazy, and then there was a hurricane, and then I got forgetful. But I’m back, baby! It’s almost time for the 3rd annual bracket to kick off next week. I am super excited and hope you all are as well. To get back into the swing of writering, I’m just going to rank things sometimes. No reasoning beyond “This is a thing I like more than this other thing”. Up first – horror movies.   Continue reading “Unexplained Rankings – Horror Flicks”

Feel Good Friday – Warrick Dunn

Over the past few months I’ve had some difficulty focusing on the positives in life. Sometimes things get tough and human nature is to really hone in on what’s going wrong or emphasize times that you may not live up to your potential or personal expectations. Optimism and happiness are taken hostage by cynicism and anger.

Sometimes we have the tendency to really notice the small bad things and let them pile up until we forget to look for the good in the world. I’m going to try to get better at really looking for them. My hope is to make this a weekly post where I can find a story that brings hope to the world. To find humans doing good deeds for other humans, or the planet, or just feel good stories.

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March Movie Madness – Our Champion

What an incredible four weeks of competition. I can’t say it enough guys, this is the most fun I have on this site every year and I cannot thank you all for voting time and again. I think this is something that can grow into a really enjoyable tradition. Ok, enough wasting your time, on to our champ!

These were two of the favorites to take it all from the beginning. How did our Championship round fare? Remember all “scores” are in percentage. Continue reading “March Movie Madness – Our Champion”

March Movie Madness – How We Ranked Them

Our 2017 champ will be revealed tomorrow, but I’ve been asked a few times how/why a certain movie was seeded where it was. One of our two semi-final teams (Space Jam at a 13 seed is ludicrous) was seeded far lower than most thought it should have been.

Last year’s Music bracket was seeded completely subjectively by Mrs. Optimist and myself. This makes a ton of sense because there is no real way to objectively rank music and bands. There is really more personal feelings and not many quantifiable reviews out there. No one really gives a band as a whole a “grade” for lack of a better word. Continue reading “March Movie Madness – How We Ranked Them”

March Movie Madness – Championship Round

Guys, I have had so much fun watching this bracket come down to the Final. Thank you all for voting, I hope you all have enjoyed it as much as I have. Our Final Four was full of Cinderellas that got within one win of the Final. All four of our regional champions got in to the semi-finals via easy wins. Let’s see how the winners of each genre bracket fared in the Final Four and who will face off in the Championship! Continue reading “March Movie Madness – Championship Round”