March Madness: Fast Food – Round of 32

I seem to have done an okay job ranking things this year. With the exception of a couple of major upsets in the opening round that I did not see coming, all went without shock, but we will get to that shortly. With everyone at home and probably hungry this was by far the most voted on round in the history of us doing this bracket.

The second round begins now and voting will end Sunday April 5 at 5pm Central. There are already some damn near impossible choices to be made.

But first — Let’s get on to the results! Remember all “scores” are percentages from voting.


(1) McDonald’s vs (16) A&W

Our first game worked out about how we all figured it would, if not closer than expected, with the 1 seed behemoth McDonald’s taking out the 16 seed A&W 65-35.

(8) Fuddruckers vs (9) Steak N Shake

Our closest match-up of the Round of 64 came down to 2 votes. The 9 seed Steak N Shake took down 8 seed Fuddruckers by a final of 51-49.

(5) Jack in the Box vs (12) Shake Shack

The favorites kept rolling as the 5 seed Jack in the Box knocked off the 12 seed Shake Shack 59-41.

(4) Wendy’s vs (13) Carl’s Jr

Wendy’s took on Carl’s Jr. and made short work of them, winning 83-17.

(6) Five Guys vs (11) White Castle

I thought White Castle was going to be a tough out. I was incorrect. The 11 seed was just demolished by 6 seed Five Guys 88-12.

(3) In-N-Out vs (14) Checkers

In a massive upset that surprised the heck out of me, the 14 seed Checkers knocked off 3 seed In-N-Out by a final of 51-49. This game came down to 3 votes.

(7) Burger King vs (10) Smashburger

You know, Burger King is just always one of those fast food joints I just kind of forget about. It’s good and I like it when I remember, but the King always slips my mind. So I wasn’t super shocked when the 10 seed Smashburger pulled off the minor upset against 7 seed BK by a final of 59-41.

(2) Whataburger vs (15) Hardees

Our final match-up in the Burger Region was never in doubt as the 2 seed Whataburger destroyed the 15 seed Hardees 93-7.



(1) Subway vs (16) Penn Station East Coast Subs

In all honesty, this region was hard to fill out and I didn’t know PSECS existed until I was trying to find a 16th place and Google informed me they were out there and pretty good. The 1 seed had no problem dispatching them, finding an 85-15 victory.

(8) Schlotzsky’s vs (9) Panera Bread

The 8 seed Schlotzsky’s won a hard fought victory over 9 seed Panera Bread 60-40

(5) Quiznos vs (12) Blimpie

These are two of my favorite lunch spots. I was a little surprised how easily 5 seed Quiznos knocked out the 12 seed Blimpie 87-13.

(4) McAlister’s Deli vs (13) Jersey Mike’s

My wife has an absolutely unbridled hatred of Jersey Mike’s so she’s going to be happy to see the 13 seed get taken out by 4 seed McAlister’s Deli by a final of 57-43.

(6) Which Wich? vs (11) Corner Bakery Café

One of my favorite places for dinner, the 11 seed Corner Bakery Café was knocked off by 6 seed Which Wich? 65-35. Seriously y’all – give the lemon bars at CBC a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

(3) Jason’s Deli vs (14) Einstein Bros.

Hometown favorite 3 seed Jason’s Deli made easy work of the first of two restaurants that I really had to stretch to fit in the sandwich category, setting 14 seed Einstein Bros off by a final of 77-23.

(7) Jimmy John’s vs (10) Potbelly

I like each of these places equally so it worked out as 7 seed Jimmy John’s beat 10 seed Potbelly 59-41.

(2) Firehouse Subs vs (15) Wienerschnitzel

So obviously I stretched the meaning of sandwich to include hot dogs but it was short lived as 2 seed Firehouse Subs knocked out the wiener guys by a final of 61-39.



(1) Chick-fil-A vs (16) Pollo Campero

The top seed Chicken restaurant Chick-fil-A made short work of 16 seed Pollo Campero 93-7.

(8) Hooters vs (9) Buffalo Wild Wings

In a battle of not really fast food but still pretty solid wing joints, the 9 seed Buffalo Wild Wings beat out 8 seed Hooters 76-24. I’m surprised Hoots didn’t put up more of a fight but here we are.

(5) KFC vs (12) Bojangles

The big guys kept rolling as 5 seed KFC just cooked 12 seed Bojangles 85-15.

(4) Raising Cane’s vs (13) El Pollo Loco

Delicious 4 seed Raising Cane’s beat the hell out of 13 seed El Pollo Loco 86-14.

(6) Wingstop vs (11) Wings To Go

In the battle of quick wing joints was not nearly as close as it seemed like it could have been. 6 seed Wingstop comes out victorious over 11 seed Wings To Go by a final of 88-12.

(3) Church’s vs (14) Slim Chickens

Church’s is super tasty. No one denies this. They knocked off scrappy 14 seed Slim Chickens 78-22.

(7) Zaxby’s vs (10) Pluckers

The battle of regional perfection was won by 10 seed Pluckers over 7 seed Zaxby’s 56-44.

(2) Popeyes vs (15) PDQ

Popeyes is riding high on the back of their chicken sandwich craze. Also, riding high because their chicken is great in general. All of this is a long way of saying they took out the 15 seed PDQ 91-9.



(1) Dairy Queen vs (16) Pita Pit

Dairy Queen has the Blizzard. That alone set this 1 seed on the path to victory against 16 seed Pita Pit 90-10.

(8) Pizza Hut vs (9) Domino’s

They say no one outpizzas the Hut. Well, they just got outpizza-ed by 9 seed Domino’s 60-40.

(5) Taco Cabana vs (12) Panda Express

There’s always a 12/5 match-up that ends in an upset. Here we are, as the 12 seed Panda Express beat 5 seed Taco Cabana 57-43.

(4) Taco Bell vs (13) Arby’s

Taco Bell worked their way to a win over 13 seed Arby’s 68-32.

(6) Sonic vs (11) Freebirds

6 seed Sonic and their amazing oceanwater drinks which are basically just a base for Vodka knocked out burrito joint 11 seed Freebirds 62-38.

(3) Starbucks vs (14) Little Caesars

People love them some 3 seed Starbucks. I ranked it this high because I thought the people wanted it. I was wrong as the 14 seed Little Caesars pulled the massive upset 58-42.

(7) Papa John’s vs (10) Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts worked their way to a close victory over 7 seed Papa John’s 52-48.

(2) Chipotle vs (15) Culver’s

I’m going to be honest with y’all. I don’t know what Culver’s is. I needed to fill a spot and butter burgers & frozen custard sounded absolutely delicious so they made it. They came in strong and took out a real contender in 2 seed Chipotle by a final of 53-47. Never in a million years saw this one coming.


That leaves us with our bracket looking like this:

Fast Food Bracket Round of 32


Round of 32


(1) McDonald’s vs (9) Steak N Shake

(4) Wendy’s vs (5) Jack in the Box

(6) Five Guys vs (14) Checkers

(2) Whataburger vs (10) Smashburger



(1) Subway vs (8) Schlotsky’s

(4) McAlister’s Deli vs (5) Quiznos

(3) Jason’s Deli vs (6) Which Wich?

(2) Firehouse Subs vs (7) Jimmy John’s



(1) Chick-fil-A vs (9) Buffalo Wild Wings

(4) Raising Cane’s vs (5) KFC

(3) Church’s vs (6) Wingstop

(2) Popeyes vs (10) Pluckers



(1) Dairy Queen vs (9) Domino’s

(4) Taco Bell vs (12) Panda Express

(6) Sonic vs (14) Little Caesars

(10) Dunkin’ Donuts vs (15) Culver’s


Alright everybody, let’s get to voting! See you guys on Monday with our Sweet (and Savory) 16!

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