March Madness: Fast Food – Sweet 16

The Round of 32 went by with tons of votes, a few surprises, and our first 1 seed going down. In all honesty I thought it was the weakest of the top seeds and that played out. Starting with the Sweet 16 this week the choices get more and more difficult and frankly I have no idea how I’m going to vote on a few of these upcoming match-ups.

The Regional Semifinals begins now and voting will end Wednesday April 8 at 5pm Central. Good luck with making up your mind on some of these.

But first — Let’s get on to the results! Remember all “scores” are percentages from voting.


(1) McDonald’s vs (9) Steak N Shake

The big guy got all he could handle from delicious burger/shake joint 9 seed Steak N Shake pulling off the victory 59-41. The clown wins again.

(4) Wendy’s vs (5) Jack In The Box

4 seed Wendy’s laid the Frosty down on the other clown in the Burger Region, knocking out 5 seed Jack in the Box 65-35.

(6) Five Guys vs (14) Checkers

14 seed Checkers hit a last second three to knock out 3 seed In-N-Out in the first round. Their luck ran out against a strong 6 seed Five Guys as the five dudes took the victory 89-11.

(2) Whataburger vs (10) Smashburger

This 2 seed is going to be a tough out. Local favorite Whataburger put the smash down on the 10 seed Smashburger 86-14.



(1) Subway vs (8) Schlotzsky’s

Our first 1 seed was shown the door in the Round of 32. I really do feel like Subway was food wise the weakest of the top seeds but as the restaurant with the most locations, a 1 seed was warranted. With that said, 8 seed Schlotzsky’s sent them packing on the back of a 61-39 upset.

(4) McAlister’s vs (5) Quiznos

This was a difficult choice for me. 4 seed McAlister’s Deli sweet, sweet Sweet Tea pushed out 5 seed Quiznos by a final of 65-35.

(3) Jason’s Deli vs (6) Which Wich?

3 seed Jason’s Deli knocked off 6 seed Which Wich? in a game that wasn’t as close as I expected 76-24.

(2) Firehouse Subs vs (7) Jimmy John’s

7 seed Jimmy John’s had a fight on their hands. I thought they were going to get run out. They stood up to the challenge but ended up losing to 2 seed Firehouse Subs by 4 votes 52-48.



(1) Chick-fil-A vs (9) Buffalo Wild Wings

Behemoth 1 seed Chick-fil-A continued just dominating the competition crushing 9 seed Buffalo Wild Wings 84-16.

(4) Raising Cane’s vs (5) KFC

4 seed Raising Cane’s put The Box on 5 seed KFC, easily sliding into the Regional Semifinal 72-28.

(3) Church’s vs (6) Wingstop

This was the hardest choice for me in the Round of 32. 3 seed Church’s biscuits vs 6 seed Wingstop’s amazing sauces. Y’all had just as much trouble picking this one as I did, with the 3 seed taking the win by 5 votes for a final of 52-48.

(2) Popeyes vs (10) Pluckers

2 seed Popeyes took some early shots from 10 seed Pluckers but ended up on top via a 68-32 victory. The Sweet 16 match-ups in this region are impossible.



(1) Dairy Queen vs (9) Domino’s

1 seed Dairy Queen flew through the first round but it took everything they had to take out 9 seed Domino’s 55-45.

(4) Taco Bell vs (12) Panda Express

12 seed Panda Express was looking to take out the top taco joints in back to back rounds. 4 seed Taco Bell held up to the fire, winning 65-35.

(6) Sonic vs (14) Little Caesars

6 seed Sonic got Hot N Ready before this match-up and took out the 14 seed Little Caesars with ease 72-28.

(10) Dunkin’ Donuts vs (15) Culver’s

This tournament’s Cinderella team, 15 seed Culver’s, put up their best against a strong 10 seed in Dunkin’ Donuts but came up just short 60-40. Honestly from the sounds of y’all who have had them, if I had ever had one of their butter burgers, Culver’s may have been a higher seed to begin with.


That leaves us with our bracket looking like this:

Fast Food Bracket Sweet 16


Round of 32


(1) McDonald’s vs (4) Wendy’s

(2) Whataburger vs (6) Five Guys



(2) Firehouse Subs vs (3) Jason’s Deli

(4) McAlister’s Deli vs (8) Schlotsky’s



(1) Chick-fil-A vs (4) Raising Cane’s

(2) Popeyes vs (3) Church’s



(1) Dairy Queen vs (4) Taco Bell

(6) Sonic vs (10) Dunkin’ Donuts


Alright everybody, like I said, absolutely impossible decisions to be made already. Let’s get to voting! See you guys on Thursday with our Elite (El-Eat?) 8!

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