March Madness: Breakfast – Sweet 16

We’ve made it through the first two rounds of the tournament and the decisions just keep getting more difficult. There were some massive upsets and many closer than I thought they would be match-ups in the Round of 32. Eleven of the sixteen match-ups in the Round of 32 came down to one or two votes. These brackets are always surprising to me in the best possible way. Here’s how it all shook out: 


1) Fruity Pebbles vs 9) Honey Nut Cheerios

Man. I did not see this coming at all. In our first 1 seed to go, my #1 Fruity Pebbles went down to the 9 seed Honey Nut Cheerios by one vote 53-47.

5) Cocoa Puffs vs 13) Rice Krispies

In our second 1 vote win, the 5 seed Cocoa Puffs won over a tough 13 seed Rice Krispies 53-47.

3) Lucky Charms vs 6) Apple Jacks

Lucky Charms put the beat down on the 6 seeded Apple Jacks, winning 92-8.

2) Cinnamon Toast Crunch vs 7) Frosted Flakes

Cinnamon Toast Crunch had a tough first half, but came on strong late knocking out the 7 seeded Frosted Flakes 58-42.



1) Glazed Donuts vs 9) Kolaches – Texas Style

Our second 1 seed to exit the tournament is Glazed Donuts. In a bit of an upset, Texas Style Kolaches knocked off the last remaining donuts 58-42.

4) Danishes vs 12) Éclair

Danishes come out with a 2 vote victory over Éclairs 58-42.

3) Cinnamon Rolls vs 6) Bear Claw

Cinnamon Rolls continued winning in dominating fashion, ruthlessly taking out Bear Claws 100-0. This 3 seed has yet to give up one vote this tournament. Unreal!

10) Muffins vs 15) Crêpes

Our underdog game came down to a couple of votes as well. The 10 seed is moving on to the Sweet 16 via a 58-42 win over Crêpes.



1) Waffles vs 9) Toast

The 1 seed in this region, Waffles, had no problem dispatching of the 9 seed Toast, winning 92-8.

4) French Toast vs 5) Biscuits (and gravy)

Biscuits & Gravy came up against its most difficult challenger yet, but came out victorious over the 4 seed delicious French Toast by a final score of 58-42.

3) Hash Browns  vs 6) Bagels

The 3 seed moves on, beating the 6 seed Bagels 58-42. I’m starting to see a trend with these scores.

2) Pancakes vs 7) Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal

Pancakes as the 2 seed took care of business, handily defeating the 7 seed Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal 92-8.



1) Fried Eggs vs 8) Sausage Patties

Fried Eggs soars into the Sweet 16 on the back of a 82-18 victory over Sausage Patties.

4) Breakfast Tacos/Burritos vs 5) Bacon

In a great 4/5 match-up Breakfast Tacos / Burritos took down the trendy 5 seed Bacon 58-42.

3) Scrambled Eggs  vs 11) Huevos Rancheros

Scrambled Eggs had a tough match-up here. Huevos Rancheros gave Scrambled Eggs all they could handle but came up just short as the 3 seed got the win 58-42.

2) Omelet vs 10) Breakfast Sandwich

This one was tough. You guys had the same problem I did apparently as the 10 seed Breakfast Sandwiches beat 2 seed Omelets by one vote, 53-47.


Links to the Sweet 16 polls are under the bracket. One vote per person per match-up. Click on the match-ups and the poll should open.

That leaves our bracket looking like this:


Breakfast Bracket Sweet 16


Sweet 16


5) Cocoa Puffs vs 9) Honey Nut Cheerios

2) Cinnamon Toast Crunch vs 3) Lucky Charms



4) Danishes vs 9) Kolaches – Texas Style

3) Cinnamon Rolls vs 10) Muffins



1) Waffles vs 5) Biscuits (and Gravy)

2) Pancakes vs 3) Hash Browns



1) Fried Eggs vs 4) Breakfast Tacos/Burritos

3) Scrambled Eggs  vs 10) Breakfast Sandwich


Let’s get to voting! There are some fantastic match-ups that I cannot begin to figure out how I will vote. Good luck making your decisions. I can’t wait to see who moves on! Voting will end Sunday March 25 at 5pm and the Elite 8 will begin on Monday.

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