March Movie Madness – Elite 8

Man, this was the least competitive round of any tournament we have run. There was nothing but destruction in the Sweet 16. We lost some amazing movies, but that’s what we’re here for. We are seeing the best of the best fight each other. Here’s what happened!



1 Rudy vs 5 Friday Night Lights

The #1 overall seed proved again why it is there as it dominated the 5 seed Friday Night Lights 97-3.

6 Remember the Titans vs 7 The Blindside

In a great match-up, the 6 and 7 seed met up in what should have been a tight game. It was decidedly not as Remember the Titans knocked off The Blindside 88-12.



1 Hoop Dreams vs 13 Space Jam

The Dark Horse of the tourney, 13 seed Space Jam beat down the 1 seed Hoop Dreams 99-1.

2 Hoosiers vs 14 Teen Wolf

In a complete shocker, the 2 seed in the Basketball Region was knocked out as well when 14 seed Teen Wolf won 92-8.



1 Bull Durham vs 12 The Sandlot

Equally as shocking, the 12 seed The Sandlot took out the 1 seed Bull Durham by way of the 2nd complete domination 100-0.

10 The Rookie vs 11 Major League

In our double digit match-up, 11 seed Major League found its way into the Baseball Region final beating 10 seed The Rookie 94-6.



1 Rocky vs 5 Caddyshack

Our 3rd number 1 seed was kicked out surprisingly as 5 seed Caddyshack beat down 1 seed Rocky 90-10.

2 Karate Kid vs 11 Cool Runnings

Also a little surprising, 11 seed Cool Runnings kicked out 2 seed Karate Kid via a 89-11 victory.


So there you have it. Obviously, y’all like serious football movies and comedies in every other genre. The closest match-up was 88-12. Unbelievable. Three of our four #1 seeds found demise in the Sweet 16 – only Rudy remains. All of our remaining #2 seeds were knocked out. Basketball and Baseball Regions finals are both double digit match-ups. Other Sports Region ends with a 5/11 match-up.

That leaves our bracket looking like this:

Movie Bracket Elite 8

Sweet 16


1 Rudy vs 6 Remember the Titans



13 Space Jam vs 14 Teen Wolf



11 Major League vs 12 The Sandlot



5 Caddyshack vs 11 Cool Runnings


Let’s get to voting! There are some great match-ups that I cannot begin to figure out how to vote. I can wait to see who moves on! Voting will end Sunday night at 5pm and the Final 4 will begin on Monday.

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