March Movie Madness – Sweet 16

Here we are guys, the first weekend of the tournament is in the books and we’re pushing on to the Sweet 16. There were some major upsets in the Round of 32, with some high seeds making it into the next round. Here is how it all shook out. 


1 Rudy vs 9 Draft Day

Rudy continued mowing over the competition, beating 9th seed Draft Day 93-7.

4 North Dallas Forty vs 5 Friday Night Lights

5 seed Friday Night Lights knocked off the 4 seed North Dallas Forty with ease 86-14.

6 Remember the Titans vs 14 Necessary Roughness

Remember the Titans found a tough win against an over-performing 14 seed Necessary Roughness 58-42.

7 The Blindside vs 15 The Replacements 

No Cinderella will make it into the Sweet 16 in the Football Region as the 7 seed The Blindside got a 79-21 victory over the upset minded 15 seed The Replacements.


1 Hoop Dreams vs 9 Above the Rim

The 1 seed in the Basketball Region had to fight it out to get a win over the 9 seed Above the Rim 59-41.

12 Basketball Diaries vs 13 Space Jam

The Dark Horse of the tournament, 13 seed Space Jam, continued its winning ways convincingly, knocking out a very strong 12 seed Basketball Diaries 92-8.

6 Love & Basketball vs 14 Teen Wolf

The upset specials continued as the 14 seed Teen Wolf knocked out a great 6 seed Love & Basketball 85-15.

2 Hoosiers vs 7 Coach Carter

The 2 seed Hoosiers still in in the mix after a pretty easy match against the 7 seed Coach Carter 79-21.


1 Bull Durham vs 9 A League of Their Own

After a 100-0 win in the opening round, 9 seed A League of Their Own showed they were a force to be reckoned with. They came up 1 vote short of knocking off the 1 seed Bull Durham as the 1 seed moves on 52-48.

12 The Sandlot vs 13 The Natural

12 seed The Sandlot knocked out 13 seed The Natural 77-23.

3 Field of Dreams  vs vs 11 Major League

In a bit of a surprise and a major league upset, the 11 seed Major League knocked out one of the best, 3 seed Field of Dreams 59-41.

2 The Pride of the Yankees vs 10 The Rookie

In the third straight double digit seed moving into the Sweet 16, 10 seed The Rookie sent the 2 seed The Pride of the Yankees home 73-27.


1 Rocky vs 8 Prefontaine: Without Limits

This one came down to the wire and went back and forth all weekend with 1 seed Rocky getting a last second victory over a very strong 8 seed Prefontaine: Without Limits 54-46.

5 Caddyshack vs 13 Dodgeball

The 5 seed Caddyshack took on a fighter in 13 seed Dodgeball. In the end, Dodgeball did bleed their own blood, as Caddyshack moves on 64-36.

11 Cool Runnings vs 14 Blades of Glory

14 seed Blades of Glory’s upset run stopped in the Round of 32 when 11 seed Cool Runnings knocked them down 86-14.

2 Karate Kid vs 10 Miracle

In the last game of the round, 2 seed Karate Kid crane kicked 10 seed Miracle out of the tournament 92-8.

All of our 1 seeds made it into the Sweet 16. The Football Region is the only one with only all single digit seeds remaining. The Basketball Region is the 1 and 2 seed vs two VERY strong 13 and 14 seeds. The Baseball Region only has one single digit seed left in the 1 seed. The only Cinderella left in the Other Sports Region is a strong dark horse 11 seed. 

That leaves us with our bracket looking like this:

Movie Bracket Sweet 16

Sweet 16


1 Rudy vs 5 Friday Night Lights

6 Remember the Titans vs 7 The Blindside


1 Hoop Dreams vs 13 Space Jam

2 Hoosiers vs 14 Teen Wolf


1 Bull Durham vs 12 The Sandlot

10 The Rookie vs 11 Major League


1 Rocky vs 5 Caddyshack

2 Karate Kid vs 11 Cool Runnings

Let’s get to voting! There are some great match-ups that I cannot begin to figure out how to vote. I can wait to see who moves on! Voting will end Wednesday night at 5pm and the Elite 8 will begin on Thursday.

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