March Music Madness – Final Four

Yall. The Elite 8 was intense. The two best acts from each genre fought it out until the end. I won’t keep you waiting, let’s get to the results! Remember all “scores” are in percentage.


1 MJ vs 6 JT

Michael Jackson’s closest match thus far came in the first round, when he beat Journey by 58 points. It seemed like he would bowl thorough the Pop Region with ease. Mr. Timberlake gave him a scare, but in the end The King of Pop earned his moniker with a 55-45 victory. This is a 3 vote difference.



4 The Temptations vs 10 Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder has been finding a way to take out higher seeds since the beginning of this tournament as a 10 seed. He found a way to keep the momentum going, beating the 4 seeded Temptations 55-45. Again, this was another 3 vote win.



3 Willie vs 5 Johnny Cash

I felt this match-up was the hardest to choose. Apparently you all agreed with me. In a battle until the end, Johnny Cash came out victorious in the Country Region, beating 3 seed Willie Nelson 51-49. A one vote win to take the Country Region!



1 Beatles vs 2 Nirvana

The battle of old school vs new school landed on the side of the old guys. In the fourth close match in our tournament, The Beatles took out grunge kings Nirvana by a final score of 55-45.


Thank you all again for taking time to vote on these match-ups. We have the winners of each genre and I’m not mad at any of the genre’s champs.

The Beatles and Michael Jackson came into the tournament as favorites and held strong throughout their regions. Johnny Cash fought his way to the Country Region crown as a 5 seed. I’m sure he would have it no other way. The Hip Hop / R&B Region saw a 10 seed find a way to take out the big boys all the way to the victory in Stevie Wonder.

I’ll link the polls to each match-up  so just click on the match-up to go to each poll. Voting for the Final Four will open immediately and will close Friday, April 1 at 5pm.

After the Elite 8, we have our genre champions and the Final Four bracket now looks like this:

Music Bracket Final 4.jpg


Final Four

Semi-Final #1

1 MJ vs 10 Stevie Wonder


Semi-Final #2

1 Beatles vs 5 Johnny Cash


Polls are open. Let’s get to voting and see who can get into the Championship Match-up. Voting will close Friday April 1 at 5pm. Again, to vote just click on each match-up and it will open the poll.

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