March Music Madness – Elite 8

We’ve narrowed it down to the last match-up in each region! Time to get down to the winners of each genre. Guys, there were some huge upsets in the Sweet 16. Yall have surprised me at every level but as the match-ups have gotten better, the votes have been harder and harder to predict. Let’s get right to it. Remember all “scores” are in percentage.


1 MJ vs 5 Prince

The King of Pop has continued his dominance in this bracket, beating Prince with a final score of 89 -11. Michael Jackson is the only person in the entire tournament to have his scores go up every round.

6 JT vs 7 Adele

Timberlake knocked out Adele in what was a bit wider of margin than expected 73-27.



1 Tupac vs 4 The Temptations

The first 1 seed in the tournament to go down fell hard as Tupac was beat down by The Temptations 72-28.

6 Eminem vs 10 Stevie Wonder

This was one of the match-ups I was most looking forward to and it did not disappoint. Stevie Wonder continued his run of upsets, winning out over Eminem 52-48. That is a ONE vote victory!



1 George Strait vs 5 Johnny Cash

George Strait came into this game only having given up 1 vote in the first 2 rounds. Then he ran into The Man in Black. The 5 seed Johnny Cash worked his way to a 2 vote victory over King George 54-46.

3 Willie vs 10 Garth

Garth Brooks’ Cinderella run in the Country Region came to an end at the hands of Willie Nelson 56-44.



1 Beatles vs 4 Queen

The Beatles just continue crushing the competition in the Rock / Alternative Region knockng off 4 seed Queen 74-26.

2 Nirvana vs 11 RHCP

The biggest Cinderella of this tournament has been the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They just kept finding ways to pull off victories that I honestly didn’t see coming. In this battle of 90’s Alternative glory, Nirvana put an end to RHCP’s run by a final score of 52-48. This is another one vote win!


Guys. Thank you all for taking time to vote on these match-ups. It has been more fun to see the results than I ever expected. So the Elite 8 is set and every match-up is amazing. This tournament has gotten past the point of impossible choices.

I’ll link the polls to each match-up  so just click on the match-up to go to each poll. Voting for the Elite 8 will open immediately and will close Tuesday, March 29 at 5pm.

After the Sweet 16, half of our 1 seeds have been knocked out and the bracket now looks like this:

Music Bracket Elite 8

Elite 8


1 MJ vs 6 JT



4 The Temptations vs 10 Stevie Wonder



3 Willie Nelson vs 5 Johnny Cash



1 Beatles vs 2 Nirvana


There you have it guys. The only region to go chalk was the Rock / Alternative region which features the old school vs the new school. The Country region shows that old Country music still rules the day. Old school R&B knocked out Hip Hop in the mini in-region tournament of the Hip Hop / R&B Region. It will be interesting to see if Justin can put a stop to the freight train that is Michael Jackson in the Pop Region.

Polls are open. I cannot wait to see how this round is going to go. Let’s get to voting and see who wins each genre region and advances to the Final Four. Voting will close Tuesday March 29 at 5pm. Again, to vote just click on each match-up and it will open the poll.

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