March Movie Madness – Championship Round

Guys, I have had so much fun watching this bracket come down to the Final. Thank you all for voting, I hope you all have enjoyed it as much as I have. Our Final Four was full of Cinderellas that got within one win of the Final. All four of our regional champions got in to the semi-finals via easy wins. Let’s see how the winners of each genre bracket fared in the Final Four and who will face off in the Championship!


Semi-Final #1

1 Rudy vs 13 Space Jam

This was by far the best match-up of the entire bracket. I was very excited to see how this one would turn out. I had no idea which of these masterpieces to pick and it seems like you didn’t either. This match-up went back and forth 5 times and never was further away from each other than 2 votes. In the end, the 1 seed Rudy found the way to victory over the plucky 13 seed Space Jam 52-48.


Semi-Final #2

11 Cool Runnings vs 12 The Sandlot

In the all Cinderella Semi-Final, the 11 and 12 seed knocked off the 1 and 2 seeds to get here. The upset special 11 seed Cool Runnings finally met its match against a very strong 12 seed The Sandlot 83-17.

Rudy and The Sandlot were always going to be tough outs in this tournament and I’m not shocked that they are the final two left. Rudy was taken to the limit and came out with a 1 vote victory to get into the championship. The Sandlot, on the other hand, cruised into the final game. Can the giant killer keep it up or will the over all #1 seed keep rolling? Time to find out!

I’ll link the poll to the match-up so just click on the match-up to go to the championship poll. Voting for the Championship will open immediately and will close Sunday, April 2 at 5pm.

After the Final Four, our bracket now looks like this:

Movie Bracket Championship



1 Rudy vs 12 The Sandlot


Polls are open. Let’s get to voting and see who wins the Championship match-up! Voting will close Sunday April 2 at 5pm. Our champion will be announced on Monday the 3rd. Again, to vote just click on the match-up and it will open the poll.

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