March Music Madness – Our Champion

What an incredibly exciting four weeks. I have had a blast keeping up with this bracket and learned quite a bit about yall’s musical tastes. What started as a fun dinner time discussion with Mrs. Clumsy Optimist turned into a great fun spirited undertaking. I won’t waste anymore of your time, let’s get down to our Champ.

Starting in the Sweet 16, no act had won by more than 3 votes. Even the Final Four was much closer than I anticipated. How did our Championship round fare? Remember all “scores” are in percentage.


1 Michael Jackson vs 1 The Beatles

With the Cinderella Stories knocked out of our tournament, the final match-up was a battle of 1 seeds. The best of Pop vs the best of Rock/Alternative. Michael won in blowout fashion against Journey, Christina Aguilera, & Prince as well as very close games over Justin Timberlake and Stevie Wonder to get here. Over on the right side of the bracket, The Beatles took out Green Day, Metallica, and Queen with ease and followed that up with close victories over Nirvana and Johnny Cash to make the final. Neither MJ nor The Beatles won by more than 3 votes in their final two match-ups.

The close games stopped here as The Beatles destroyed Michael Jackson 77-23.


I thought this would be a very close match-up. I was mistaken. A 54 point victory for the Fab Four closes out this tournament in very dramatic fashion.

Thank you all again for taking time to vote in this tournament. I hope this exercise was as fun for you as it was for me. We’ll have to do it again next year! I’m already getting ideas for next year’s bracket and if you have any suggestions, feel free to get in touch with me on Facebook or Twitter.

After knocking 68 acts down to a final Champion, our completed bracket looks like this:

Music Bracket Champion

So here’s to our champions, The Beatles!

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