March Music Madness – Round of 32

Well, that was fun! The first round of our bracket had a few surprises. As you would have thought, none of the top seeds were upset. The Pop region went almost chalk. There were some big upsets in the other 3 brackets. Let’s go region by region and see the results (all “scores” are in percentage).


1 MJ vs 16 Journey

Michael took down Journey with ease 71-29.

8 Mariah Carey vs 9 Christina

A 9 beating a 10 isn’t really an upset, but in the battle of 90’s divas Christina came out victorious over Mariah Carey 56-44. This one was as close as expected.

5 Prince vs 12 Bruno Mars

Prince showed that he is still a strong contender, beating new guy Bruno Mars 69-31.

4 Whitney vs 13 Britney

Whitney put the brakes on Ms Spears’ comeback winning 71-29.

6 JT vs 11 ABBA

Justin Timberlake had an easy time with ABBA, winning 81-19.

3 Beyoncé vs 14 BSB

Beyoncé won in a closer match-up than I expected 63-37.

7 Adele vs 10 T Swift

Adele took down Taylor Swift 59-41. People love them some T Swizzle.

2 Madonna vs 15 NSYNC

The final Pop match-up saw the Queen of Pop knock off NSYNC 71-29.


1 Tupac vs 16 Usher

Tupac started off strong, beating Usher 64-36.

8 Dr Dre vs 9 Boyz II Men

The 2nd 9 seed to take down an 8 is Boyz II Men winning over Dre 57-43

5 NWA vs 12 Lionel Richie

In the closest match of the 1st round, N.W.A. beat Lionel Richie 52-48. This match-up came down to 1 vote!

4 The Temptations vs 13 Snoop

The Temptations rolled Snoop Dogg 88-12. It was never in question.

6 Eminem vs 11 Marvin Gaye

Eminem drew a really tough opponent in the first round, but held off to beat Marvin Gaye 64-36.

3 Wu-Tang vs 14 Jay-Z

In the SFA knocks off West Virginia game of our bracket, the 14 seed Jay-Z shocked the bracket winning 83-17 over the 3 seeded Wu-Tang Clan.

7 Mary J Blige vs 10 Stevie Wonder

The 10th seeded Stevie Wonder found his way to victory, beating Mary J Blige 81-19. This one was the blowout I did not see coming.

2 Notorious B.I.G. vs 15 John Legend

 Biggie won his first round pairing against John Legend 71-29.


1 George Strait vs 16 Tim McGraw

George almost got the first 100-0 victory, with only 1 hold out Tim McGraw fan. The final was 94-6.

8 Alabama vs 9 Merle Haggard

Alabama takes out the legend Merle Haggard in a nail biter 57-43.

5 Johnny Cash vs 12 George Jones

Johnny Cash moves on pretty easily over George Jones 81-14.

4 Patsy Cline vs 13 Miranda Lambert

Patsy Cline took out the new girl Miranda 71-29.

6 Dolly vs 11 Reba

In one of only two upsets in the Country Region, the 11th seed Reba took down 6 seed Dolly Parton 60-40.

3 Willie vs 14 Loretta Lynn

Willie Nelson beat Loretta Lynn 69-31.

7 Waylon vs 10 Garth

In a classic 10/7 upset, Garth absolutely rolled over Waylon Jennings 92-8.

2 Hank Williams, Sr vs 15 Carrie Underwood

 Hank got the first round win over Carrie Underwood 79-21.


1 Beatles vs 16 Green Day

The Beatles knocked off Green Day 79-21.

8 Metallica vs 9 Guns N Roses

Metallica beat Guns N Roses 60-40.

5 Jimi Hendrix vs 12 NIN

Jimi Hendrix had a pretty easy time with Nine Inch Nails, winning 81-19.

4 Queen vs 13 The Ramones

Queen knocked out the fathers of punk rock 76-24.

6 AC/DC vs 11 RHCP

In a somewhat socking upset, the Red Hot Chili Peppers put together a great showing to beat the 6 seed AC/DC 67-33.

3 Led Zeppelin vs 14 Foo Fighters

Led Zeppelin moved on easily against the Foo Fighters 75-25

7 Van Halen vs 10 Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd knocked out Van Halen 80-20.

2 Nirvana vs 15 Billy Idol

The largest win of the first round and the only unanimous winner was Nirvana just embarrassing Billy Idol 100-0.


That was a lot of fun! And if you thought the first round had hard decisions, wait until you see what these results mean for round two! Again, I’ll link the polls to each match-up  so just click on the match-up to go to each poll. Voting for the round of 32 will open immediately and will close Tuesday, March 22 at 5pm.

After the first round, the bracket now looks like this:

Music Bracket Round of 32


Round of 32


1 MJ vs 9 Christina

4 Whitney vs 5 Prince

3 Beyoncé vs 6 JT

2 Madonna vs 7 Adele



1 Tupac vs 9 Boyz II Men

4 The Temptations vs 5 NWA

6 Eminem vs 14 Jay-Z

2 Notorious B.I.G. vs 10 Stevie Wonder



1 George Strait vs 8 Alabama

4 Patsy Cline vs 5 Johnny Cash

3 Willie vs 11 Reba

2 Hank Williams, Sr vs 10 Garth



1 Beatles vs 8 Metallica

4 Queen vs 5 Jimi Hendrix

3 Led Zeppelin vs 11 RHCP

2 Nirvana vs 10 Pink Floyd


That’s it. Let’s get to voting and see who gets into the Sweet 16. Again, to vote just click on each match-up and it will open the poll.




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