March Madness: Jingles – Round of 64 Companies Region Voting

Just a quick note – apparently some folks were unable to load the full Round of 64 post. I think it’s because there were just too many videos to load for voting. I’ll post each region separately for y’all to vote on. Let me know if this doesn’t work but I think it should.


(1) Toys ‘R’ Us – “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” vs (16) Stanley Steemer – “Makes Your Home Cleaner”

(2) JG Wentworth – “8-7-7 Cash Now” vs (15) Ace – “Ace is the Place”

(3) – “F-R-E-E, That Spells Free” vs (14) Kars4Kids – “1-8-7-7 Kars4Kids”

(4) Chia Pet – “Chi-chi-chi-Chia” vs (13) Army – “Be All That You Can Be”

(5) Farmers – “We Are Farmers” vs (12) Liberty Mutual – “Liberty, Liberty, Liberty”

(6) Kay Jewelers – “Every Kiss Begins with Kay” vs (11) Nair – “Who Wears Short Shorts?”

(7) Wayfair – “Wayfair, You’ve Got Just What I Need” vs (10) Ross – “I Got It at Ross”

(8) State Farm – “Like a Good Neighbor” vs (9) Nationwide – “On Your Side”

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