March Madness: Holiday Movies – Sweet 16

The Round of 32 went by with bunch of votes, a few legitimate surprises, and our first 1 seed going down. I am absolutely gobsmacked by this #1 falling. Not even this early, just going down in general. Starting with the Sweet 16 this week the choices get more and more difficult. I’m really going to have to sit with some of these decisions to be honest.

The Regional Semifinals begins now and voting will end Sunday, March 28 at 5pm Central. Good luck with making up your mind on some of these.

But first — Let’s get on to the results! Remember all “scores” are percentages from voting.


(1) It’s a Wonderful Life vs (9) The Santa Clause

Well, here it is. You monsters. Our overall #1 seed was taken down by a man who murdered Santa Claus and stole his identity. This one was not even close as the 9 seed The Santa Claus moves on to the Sweet 16 taking out 1 seed It’s a Wonderful Life by a final of 61-39. You deserved better, Clarence Odbody.

(4) Home Alone vs (5) Miracle on 34th St.

In a second battle of Comedy and Lovely, Comedy again destroyed Lovely. Our 4 seed Home Alone put the beatdown on 5 seed Miracle on 34th St. 83-17. Ouch.

(3) National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation vs (6) Home Alone 2

I thought this one could be a battle but our 3 seed Christmas Vacation rolled to a fairly easy 75-25 win over 6 seed Home Alone 2.

(2) A Christmas Story vs (7) White Christmas

All of the games in this region were blowouts as we finish off with the 2 seed A Christmas Story getting into the Sweet 16 via a 67-33 victory over 7 seed White Christmas. Comedies have won the region as all four of the regional semi-finalists are from the genre.


(1) Elf vs (9) The Christmas Chronicles

This game had the look of a blowout from the start and that held as our 1 seed Elf came out of the gate quick and held on to a 88-12 win over 9 seed The Christmas Chronicles.

(4) Jingle All the Way vs (5) The Holiday

On the other hand, this one looked like it might come down to the wire. The match-up definitely came through as 5 seed The Holiday got a TWO VOTE win over 4 seed Jingle All The Way 52-48.

(3) Love Actually vs (11) Four Christmases

Our Modern Region Cinderella kept the magic going finding their way to a second straight game that ended in a two vote win. Eleven seed Four Christmases heads to the regional semi-final on the back of a 52-48 win over the 3 seed Love Actually.

(2) How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) vs (7) The Night Before (2015)

The Night Before gave it their all but it just wasn’t enough against a very strong 2 seed How The Grinch Stole Christmas. The final here was 77-23.


(1) Charlie Brown Christmas vs (8) Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town

A very tough 1 seeded Charlie Brown Christmas held their foot on the gas, beating out 8 seed Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town by a final of 91-9. This was the biggest win of the round.

(4) The Nightmare Before Christmas vs (5) The Muppet Christmas Carol

This one surprised me. I really love both of these movies and I was unsure what to vote for. Apparently y’all had the same problem. In the end, our 4 seed The Nightmare Before Christmas found the last second win beating 5 seed The Muppet Christmas Carol by ONE VOTE (!) 51-49.

(3) Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer vs (6) Frosty the Snowman

In my head, this was one of the closest match-ups. Two classic animated Christmas movies. Typically come on TV one after the other. Beloved. Our 3 seed Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer put my notion to bed, knocking out the original magic snowman 6 seed Frosty the Snowman by a final of 68-32.

(2) How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1966) vs (7) Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Seven seed Mickey’s Christmas Carol is a wonderfully fun film that ran up against a buzzsaw in 2 seed How The Grinch Stole Christmas. The final score was 77-23.


(1) Die Hard vs (8) Edward Scissorhands

Our boy 8 seed Eddie Scissorhands was taken down in dramatic fashion by our non-typical 1 seed Die Hard 76-24.

(5) Krampus vs (13) Batman Returns

The other Cinderella in our tournament, 13 seed Batman Returns, also kept the magic flowing taking out a new personal favorite in 5 seed Krampus 71-29.

(3) Gremlins vs (6) Eyes Wide Shut

This was a fun little match-up until the playing starts and then 6 seed Eyes Wide Shut got spanked by 3 seed Gremlins by a final of 86-14.

(2) Scrooged vs (7) Bad Santa

It was a fun little run for 7 seed Bad Santa that came to a screeching halt via a 75-25 loss to a great 2 seed Scrooged.

That leaves us with our bracket looking like this:

Sweet 16


(4) Home Alone vs (9) The Santa Clause

(2) A Christmas Story vs (3) National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation


(1) Elf vs (5) The Holiday

(2) How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) vs (11) Four Christmases


(1) Charlie Brown Christmas vs (4) The Nightmare Before Christmas

(2) How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1966) vs (3) Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer


(1) Die Hard vs (13) Batman Returns

(2) Scrooged vs (3) Gremlins

Alright everybody, like I said, absolutely impossible decisions to be made already. Polls are open and will close on Sunday, March 28 at 5pm Central. Let’s get to voting and see who makes the Regional Finals! See you guys on Monday with our Elite 8!

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