Unexplained Rankings – Horror Flicks

I know it’s been 8 months since I have put anything on this site, but I got lazy, and then there was a hurricane, and then I got forgetful. But I’m back, baby! It’s almost time for the 3rd annual bracket to kick off next week. I am super excited and hope you all are as well. To get back into the swing of writering, I’m just going to rank things sometimes. No reasoning beyond “This is a thing I like more than this other thing”. Up first – horror movies.  

A friend at work asked where I would rank John Carpenter’s The Thing and I said definitely not top 5, but maybe top 10. That’s how this whole thing started. Next thing I knew, I was 40+ movies deep. The lunch break today was…well…different.

There were six films that I have not seen yet, but have heard great things about and they very well could have ended up on this list. Those six are:

The VVitch
Cabin in the Woods
It Comes at Night
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
Black Sunday

With that said, here is the list. If it was a series of movies (like The Conjuring films, I just counted them as a whole). Let’s argue about rankings and what I forgot in the comments!


50 The Wicker Man 
49 House of Wax
48 Paranormal Activity
47 Child’s Play
46 Trick ‘r Treat
45 Scream
44 You’re Next
43 Drag Me To Hell
42 Session 9
41 The Hills Have Eyes
40 It  
39 Suspiria
38 It Follows
37 The Omen
36 30 Days of Night
35 Freaks
34 Saw
33 Insidious
32 Nightmare on Elm Street
31 The Babadook
30 The Exorcism of Emily Rose
29 28 Days Later
28 Pan’s Labyrinth
27 Don’t Breathe
26 Carrie
25 Dawn of the Dead
24 The Descent
23 10 Cloverfield Lane
22 The Ring
21 Friday the 13th 
20 [REC]
19 Sinister
18 The Others
17 The Conjuring 
16 Black Christmas
15 Night of the Living Dead
14 Let The Right One In
13 Halloween
12 Split
11 Poltergeist
10 The Thing
9 Rosemary’s Baby
8 Get Out
7 Alien / Aliens
6 Silence of the Lambs
5 The Shining
4 Evil Dead / Evil Dead 2
3 Texas Chain Saw Massacre
2 Psycho
1 The Exorcist

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