A Day I Never Thought Would Happen

So first off, I remain terrible at updating this blog. Here’s how it goes – “I’m going to make 2 blog posts a month at minimum! No questions!!!”. Next blog post is 3 months later. I’m going to get better people, slowly but surely!

Let’s say there was a good reason for my not updating.

I grew up mostly in rented houses and apartments. We grew up without much. I quite honestly never even considered the possibility of owning a home. Even thinking about it now is pretty unreal. Since I graduated high school 15 years ago, I have moved 15 times. Some of that had to do with school and roommates moving, getting married, changing jobs, or (twice too many times) hurricanes.

But today all of that stops, as my wife and I became homeowners! We could not have accomplished this without the help of our parents and an unbelievable real estate agent, Cheryl Stewart.


The process of buying a home is the most stressful thing I have ever undertaken. We had very few hiccups and it was still scary as hell. But it’s done! I cannot wait to get into this house this weekend and begin the process of making it our own. Get ready Westside of H-Town, the Sorensen’s are coming for ya!

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